Will Tampa 3-peat this season?

Will the Tampa Bay lightning pull off one of the most significant accomplishments in hockey history and win the Stanley Cup for the third time in a row this year? The Toronto Maple Leafs are the only team to win the cup three years in a row in 1962, 63, and 64.

Say what you will about the Leafs now, they are the only team to win 3 cups in a row.

Of course, it is a different league now compared to when the leafs won 3 in a row. At that time, goalie masks had just been introduced, and the game was evolving even more into the showcase of athleticism and sport it is…

The market for graded sports and trading cards exploded through 2020 and 2021. Will a similar collectible explosion happen with graded video games? Is now the time for investors to get ahead of the trend?

Graded video games are quickly catching up in value to graded sports cards.

Is there an audience for video game collectibles?

Video games are an established industry that has been prominent for decades and has exploded with gains in technology. I believe well-paying collectors of video games will become as large as those paying well for graded cards in the sports card market. …

Well, this is a bummer for sports card hobbyists. During the 70th anniversary of Topps, the beloved card company that has instilled the American sport of baseball into millions of collectors worldwide has lost its MLB license because of the MLB’s greed. We can’t say this for sure, but all signs point to yes, like a magic 8 ball.

IMO there is no baseball card collecting or sports cards in general without Topps

Topps MLB license will end in 2024, and Fanatics will take over producing licensed MLB products. …

I’ve had many constants in life, one of the biggest has been video games. Video Games began on standup arcade machines in pool halls and the mall, transforming to the home systems of Atari, Jaguar. NES, SNES, and more. These were basic machines but they still had the power to hold the magic and storytelling that videogames provide.

Eggman, the destroyer of my childhood gaming dreams.

My first system was a Sega genesis with one game, Sonic the Hedgehog 2. …

The Burning Crusade Classic‘s phased content release

The official release date for The Burning Crusade (TBC) Classic is not yet available, but beta testing has been occurring and we can guess that we will see TBC’s release by the third quarter of 2021 and some say as soon as May. When TBC Classic does finally release Blizzard has mentioned they will stick to a phased release that focuses on the ‘gearing up’ aspect of end-game in addition to PvP. The following was written from info provided by Blizzard on 2/19/21, is not official, and is open to change.

Pre-Patch- The…

Returning to retail after playing World of Warcraft for years than quitting the game is like opening a time capsule of virtual memories. I began playing WoW at the end of The Burning Crusade. I leveled up a stable of characters, both horde and alliance, on multiple servers. I had toons that I raided with, competed in PvP with, and some that I only created to play with friends with no real goal in mind.

Looking at my toons was like opening a time capsule, except they were all a lower level than before!

My character list grew as the WoW expansions did, I leveled from 70–80–85 while being aware of the game slowly evolving the entire time. I…

If the boost to 58 for one toon per account breaks the Classic element of Classic WoW then players broke this element themselves shortly after Classics launch. But it’s not their fault.

Through buying in-game boosts from other players with gold players are just trying to speed along the part of the game they don’t enjoy as much, a lengthy leveling process, to get to the part they do enjoy, end-game raiding & PvP on multiple toons. …

While The Burning Crusade classic’s pre-patch release date has not been announced we keep the excitement high for its arrival by talking about the lore players encounter in TBC’s first dungeon, Hellfire Ramparts.

One of the views on Draenor. Photo source, this Reddit post -https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/8yrrgq/some_love_for_draenor_environments/

Our journey begins long before the first war on the planet Draenor, the homeworld for the orcish race and the last refuge for the Draenei. Draenor’s various clans would endlessly skirmish amongst each other on the planet of metal, stone, and steam. If it wasn’t for the Draenei, whom they would occasionally rise together against to defeat, the clans would always be fighting. On Draenor, the Orcish…

In part 1 and part 2 of our kara lore series, we covered the vast lore of how Karazhan came to be and who are the major characters in its lore. In part 3 of this series, we are going to learn even more about the bosses in Kara. While some of this is covered in the lore, some info is not as you will see. There is one boss this Kara veteran didn’t even know existed. …

With the downing of my first world boss recently I marked a decent end to my classic career. While I may not complete Naxx before TBC I’m ok with that. Vanilla classic is not going to just end like in 2007, there will be options to clone your toon to vanilla servers, and depending on the price I’ll do this. Or I will ignore classic vanilla and just down Naxx in TBC at level 70.

BiddyBayBee and his fellow adventurers after defeating the world boss Azuregos in Azshara.

I love getting to experience the Classic Vanilla way of leveling and raiding, it is rewarding yet tedious to me. After stopping multiple times during…

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