The lore behind the raid: Karazhan part 3 of 3

In part 1 and part 2 of our kara lore series, we covered the vast lore of how Karazhan came to be and who are the major characters in its lore. In part 3 of this series, we are going to learn even more about the bosses in Kara. While some of this is covered in the lore, some info is not as you will see. There is one boss this Kara veteran didn’t even know existed. In the end, we will tell you what quest chains you need to pick up in TBC to not only be able to experience the kara storyline and gett attuned for the mammoth raid.

Biddy’s gonna Zug, Zug, Zug till they unlock Kara, hey.

Attumen the Huntsman - The very first boss most raid goers face in the Kara, Attumen is an optional boss. In addition to possible gear upgrades for adventurers, he has the chance to drop the rare and coveted mount, Midnights Eternal Reins. For this reason alone most find clearing trash and downing Attumen is not only a good warm-up but a nice shot at a rare mount. Attunmen is an undead human, while he looks similar to the dark riders the exact way he became a boss in Kara is unknown. It is known he is very proud of his horse Midnight, she is the fiercest horse in the stables. Make sure your raid stops by Attumen, not only for a chance to improve your gear but maybe to improve your mount.

Moroes - You may remember Moroes from parts 1 and 2 of our lore when he was Medivh’s castellan. Moroes wore horse blinders to avoid the illusions in the castle yet this did not stop Moroes from eventually being driven insane and being killed by Medivh along with Cook. The pair were buried in Morgan’s Plot and now Moroes haunts Kara as the raids customary second boss. He has no more need for his horse blinders and instead has 4 random party goers join him each week in the encounter. The randomness of their abilities keeps this encounter exciting every week as raiders gear up and progress through Kara after beating one of its bosses with the most lore behind their encounter.

Maiden of Virtue - Maiden is a titanic watcher and an optional encounter in Karazhan. As her name implies she is a maiden of virtuous acts and was furious at the debaucherous parties Medivh and Moroes would throw in Kara. In an attempt to purge the towers debauchery she hides in the guest-chamber wing, motionless. She does not move until someone she thinks is Medivh or someone being too debaucherous shows up, AKA you the adventurer. Maiden is not too complicated of a fight and while a gear test for some it gives you a chance to get some better loot before continuing in Kara. Ironically, with how much maiden seems to be about virtuosity and pureness you must clear the chambers of multiple ‘ladies of the night’ to reach maidens location. How ironic.

Curator - The Curator is an arcane guardian in the guest-chamber wing of Karazhan. You must defeat Curator to continue to the other bosses in Kara. The encounter is not only a gear check but also a wits test for adventurers as this fight has some interesting (yet easily learnable) mechanics. If your raid can defeat Curator you should confidently be able to defeat all bosses, except maybe Nightbane and Prince, with your current raid. As for his lore, Curator is the curator of the menagerie and he watches over the displays in Kara, the exact way he arrived in the castle is unknown.

Terestian Illhoof - Illhoof is a corrupted Satyr who is an optional boss in Kara, he is located behind a bookshelf in Medivh’s library. The encounter itself is not as much of a gear or mechanics check as other battles, but worth doing for those looking to improve their group’s gear. While the exact way Illhoof came to kara is unknown, it could be thought that he is one of Medivh’s most successful experiments. As we covered in part 2 Medivh was conducting secret experiments in Kara while alive on behalf of Sargeras who controlled him. Because of his location in Medivh’s library, one can think that Illhoof may be a direct creation of Medivh. Until Blizz tells me differently that’s what I’m going with.

The same portal some of Karazhan’s residents used BiddyBayBee can not wait to use as well.

Opera event - Karazhan was known for hosting parties for nobles in addition to excellent performances on its stage. Because of this, the opera encounter is a fun boss that changes every week when raiders may face bosses from 1 of 3 possible plays. The encounter consists of undead human actors who used to perform on the stage, now their souls are eternally locked inside Kara. While there are 3 different encounters the mechanics and difficulty is not too hard, most raids can down the boss easily while enjoying the spooky ambiance of fighting the undead actors. Talk about the show must go on.

Animal Boss -Located under Kara, the animal boss in a random encounter with not great loot and lots of trash. Because of this most guilds skip him. At the end of TBC and through WOTLK I ran kara often, I never even knew this boss existed before researching and writing this piece. This fight does not add to Karazhan’s lore but this encounter is there for those looking to kill ‘all bosses’, again not really worth it in my eyes for the lack of gear and lore.

Netherspite - Netherspite is an immense celestial dragon that can be found lurking in Medivh’s personal laboratory. While this dragon is an optional boss, Netherspite’s death causes the trash between Aran and the Chess event to despawn. It may not be as much of a gear check as some bosses but Netherspite will test your raids communication and ability to handle Netherspite’s mechanics of the three colored beams. Netherspite’s origins are never covered, but like is common in WoW for events without clear reasoning, it’s assumed Netherspites arrival happened via magic.

Once we enter The Burning Crusade world buff trains like this will be unnecessary, enjoy it (or not) while you can

Shade of Aran - Next to Moroes and Nightbane Aran has one of the most fleshed-out tales of lore in Karazhan. I suggest reading parts 1 and 2 of my series to recap Arans specific role in this lore. After Aran died the way he got trapped in Kara as a boss was never covered. I believe as Medivh’s father he died during the seance to save Medivh (they told us that part) and that seance was held in Kara (they didn’t tell us that part) and that is why Aran is a boss in Karazhan. If I had to guess why Aran is so angry when adventurers encounter him I’d guess that he is researching a way to come back to the mortal realm and/or be reunited with his son Medivh. Whatever The reason for being in the library your raid needs to communicate through Aran’s multiple mechanics, push hard and take his loot as you begin to near Karazhans end.

Chess Event - To me, the most unique encounter in Kara lies between you and what many consider the raid’s final boss, Prince Malchezzar. This encounter is considered ‘free epics’ but is fun for fans of the mind game as the raid member takes control of the life-size chess pieces. Adventurer’s then face off in a game of chess against pieces under Medivh’s control. This is not a hard encounter and like Netherspite it is assumed this is here because of magic (and possibly Medivh’s love of chess and strategy).

Prince Malchezaar - Prince Malchezaar, a Man’ari Eredar, is considered by most as the last boss in Kara. Prince is a multi-mechanic encounter, with not only a gear check but a wit check for raids looking to down him. The unpredictability of this encounter makes it difficult to even some geared groups. It is unknown when Prince entered Karazhan or what his goal was, apparently he was in the castle when Violent Eye agents like Keanna were inside, shortly before Kara was sealed. It is assumed either Kil’jaeden sent Prince or that Prince was teleported from the Outlands in one of the nether portals Medivh used inside Kara. After Medivh’s death Prince possibly took over as the castle’s guardian and he’s known to collect exotic weapons that adventurers can loot from Prince after they slay him.

BiddyBayBee is ready for TBC so he can kill more dragons like Azuregos in this photo.

Nightbane - If you read part 2 of our lore you should remember Arcanagos, Nightbane is the blue dragon’s eventual final form. This is an optional boss and players must complete a vast quest chain where you acquire Medivh’s journal to be able to get the urn of Nightbane and summon him. This begins with the quest ‘Medivh’s Journal’ given by Archmage Alturus. Not only will completing this quest chain show you a cool cinematic but you can summon Nightbane who can arguably be seen as the ‘last boss’ of Karazhan. Not only is he a gear check but like Prince, he is a mechanics check and requires focus until the end or risk everyone dying to Nightbanes power.

BiddyBayBee with one of his guildies, Normmcdonald, on Rattlegore. We can not wait to level to 70, complete our attunement and defeat Karazhan while it is current content.

If you wish to experience Karazhan ASAP at 70 get the quests ‘Arcane Disturbances’ and ‘Reckless Activity’. This begins the long chain to get your Karazhan attunement. To make this chain easier before you are at 70 get attuned dungeons in the chain and save up for your flying mount, you will need it to reach the entrance of one of the dungeons. Until TBC drops and Kara goes live I hope this recap of Karazhan lore has been interesting and let me know what raid you can not wait to down during The Burning Crusade Classic in the comments below.

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